Level 2 Role Models


Years 1 and 2 were very lucky to have a visit from a special Guest Speaker last week; Natalie the Vet. Natalie showed us all a PowerPoint of what she does at her clinic, what some animal x-rays look like, and answered questions about why she likes being a Vet. The students then used a ‘Like, Dislike, Challenges’ Graphic Organiser, to record their thoughts about the visit.

Natalie the Vet

Today at school, Natalie the Vet came to speak to us about being a vet.

First, Natalie told us how she went to school to become a vet. Next, she told us that her main job is to x-ray animals. The x-rays show if an animal has swallowed something bad, like a fishhook. Then, Natalie showed us x-rays and we had to guess the animals. Lastly, she talked about her role model. It was her science teacher. The science teacher shared lots of knowledge and inspired Natalie to do her best.

I loved how Natalie the Vet is kind to animals. I really liked the x-ray guessing game.

Imogen M, 1B

Likes Dislikes Challenges
All the dangerous animals.The camouflage animals. Having too many things to do. Helping dangerous snakes.

By Xavier B, 1A


Likes Dislikes Challenges
You care for the hurt animals that are scared.Help cute animals. Helping spiders.Scary animals.  Training snails

By Riley E, 1A


Likes Dislikes
I like to take care of animals and I like the puppies. I dislike the way they have to check if a cow is having a baby. I do not like that they have to put animals to sleep.

By Makaylah H, 2A


Likes Dislikes
I like how vets care for animals. I do not like how they put animals down and cut them open to operate.

By Chloe C, 2A


Likes Dislikes
Doing x-rays.I like working with cats, dogs and rabbits. Wild animals could kill you!Animals with babies like cows.

By Matthew F, 2A


Likes Dislikes
The animals I like are the wild ones. I also liked the cute ones.
I liked when she said she gave her husband x-rayed flowers for Valentine’s Day.
I disliked the photo she showed us of the man looking for a baby in the cow.

By Odella, 2A

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