Puppet Theatre Incursion

On Friday 24th July, Level 2 attended the ‘Don’t Move! Puppet Theatre’ incursion as part of their current Inquiry unit ‘How we express ourselves’. This fantastic puppet show had students and teachers alike laughing through the entire performance.

Poor Jason was turned into a spider by the evil witch, Poopy-Doo because Jason had crashed his grandfather’s car and blamed his sister for it. When the grandfather went to save Jason, he was turned into a couch. Thankfully, Jason’s fairy godmother was able to save the day and turn Jason and his grandfather back into their normal selves. The evil witch was melted away and was never seen again.

After this wonderful performance, the students were shown how the puppet theatre works. They saw how the scenery changes, how the puppets work, voice and music equipment as well as how the puppet theatre was made. No detail was left out as they saw how the theatre was assembled and disassembled to make it portable. The students saw how both soft and hard puppets were created and assembled to look like the ones they saw in the performance. Students received their own puppet theatre printout to create at home. We are looking forward to seeing their wonderful performances.

In class, we will be discussing how the puppets changed their voices to make their feelings known to the audience. The students will be practising their own character voices in preparation for their presentations at the end of this Inquiry unit.

Below are some snap shots of how the performance captivated the audience.

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