Poetry in Level 2

The first writing genre that Level 2 are focusing on this year is Poetry, as our current Unit of Inquiry is about expression through the arts.  We have many budding poets and so far we have studied rhyming couplets and sensory poems.  Enjoy!

Once there was a sheep,

It almost crashed into a jeep.

By Leon B


Once there was a hog,

He was sitting on a log.

By Jemima C


There was a mouse,

He lived in the house.

By Charlotte K


Once there was a rat,

He wore a hat.

By Chloe C


The cat went in the house,

He then sat on a mouse.

By Risha W


Winter smells like cold, fresh air.

Winter sounds like rain pattering on the window.

Winter tastes like pumpkin soup.

Winter feels very cold.

Winter looks freezing and fun.

By Caitlin K



It looks like the sun burning the ground.

It smells like smoke.

It sounds like hot air.

It tastes like gelato ice-cream.

It feels like you’re fingers are melting.

By Charlotte C

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