Level Three: How The World Works

This term the Level Threes have been investigating how food plays an important role in people’s lives. By researching and exploring they have discovered why we eat particular foods and how and where food is produced. Students have had the opportunity to explore websites such as National Geographic and have read many interesting articles. Students had the opportunity to research a particular country’s food intake over time (1961-2011) or analyse the similarities and differences between two countries.

By Jemimah S


We have learnt that National Geographic has a lot of information for out unit of inquiry. Level Three have created great posters and PowerPoints based on what different countries eat and what the whole world eats.  We found out that one of the main foods that people eat around the world are grains. We also learnt the most popular food type in Australia and America is from the sugar and fats group.

By Rhys R

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