World of Maths Incursion (Years 3 and 4)
“That was awesome!” This was the shared voice of the children who have just participated in the World of Maths Incursion on Monday 15th May.

The World of Maths Incursion is a unique traveling maths show that provides fun, colourful, hands-on, mathematical and problem solving activities for students. Students solved problems from a given situation, and were able to discover or identify mathematical concepts and ideas.  The set contains problems and tasks in the strands of number, space, measurement, graphs, statistics and logical thinking and sequencing), keeping all students mathematically busy.  After the incursion the Year 3 and 4 students reflected on their learning using the visible thinking strategy – Connect-Extend-Challenge.

Connect: How are the ideas and information presented connected to what you already knew?

Extend: What new ideas did you get that EXTENDED or pushed your thinking in new directions?

Challenge: What is still CHALLENGING or confusing for you to get your mind around? What questions, wonderings or puzzles do you now have?

Here are some of the students reflections:

Paige G (3/4A)

Connect: I connected to the ‘Mouse Trap’ game because I do a lot of origami and I like 3D shapes. When I first saw the game, I knew the answer was the green net.

Extend: With the ‘Tiles’ game, I knew what to do but towards the end it became hard because you had to move it all around to fit the zig-zag shapes in position.

Challenge: The ‘Snakes’ game was really hard because it involved all these different patterns. It was a real challenge.

Daniel B (3/4A)

Connect: I connected with the ‘Cube’ activity because I know the 3D shape well.

Extend: The ‘Secret Message’ game extended me because I did not know what to do at the start.

Challenge: The ‘See Double’ activity challenged me the most because my tower kept on falling over.

Sloan C (3/4A)

Connect: I connected with the game ‘Mouse-Trap’ because I new that it was the green net.

Extend: I knew a little about the ‘Addition’ game but when I analysed it, I knew a little more about it.

Challenge: I was challenged with the ‘Busy Bee’ game but I didn’t give up and eventually got the answer.

Tahlia M (3/4A)

Connect: I connected to the ‘Weigh the Frog’ activity. It was about weighing the frogs and finding out which ones were heavier and lighter. I connected to it because I already knew how to weigh objects on scales.

Extend: What extended me was the ‘Doors’ activity. You had to go through all the doors and find out which room you ended up in. It extended me because I thought it mattered where you started but it didn’t.

Challenge: What still challenges me is angles. Firstly, there wasn’t really any angle activities and also I’ve just never been able to get my head around them.

Emily W (4A)

Connect: I connected with the ‘Weighing’ activity. We had to sort out which frog was the heaviest and which frog was the lightest.

Extend: I was extended with the room challenge. It extended my thinking by counting the doors, then finding out why she always landed in the kitchen.

Challenge: I think that the frog activity was challenging but I succeeded.

Maia (4A)

Connect: I connected with the ‘Weighing’ activity. The secret name was ‘FREDO’ which reminded me of the chocolate ‘Freddo Frogs’.

Extend: I found the ‘Tiles’ activity quite challenging. There was a group trying to do it, and was one tile off. I switched lots of the tiles around to fix it. It finally pieced together and we found the answer.

Challenge: I found the build task really challenging. We tried to make a box, tower and chair, but unfortunately we did not have enough time.

Adrian A (4A)

Connect: I connected with the “Brick Them Up’ problem. I also connected with the fishing as well. I found a way to get five dollars each time and five dollars was the maximum you could get.

Extend: I was extended with the ‘Door’ maths problem at first because it was hard and I was on my own. When my group joined me, we were able to solve the problem.

Challenge: What I found challenging was the drive along problem. You had to control the marble and try to get the marble in the corner hole.

Ruby V (3A)

Snakes was challenging because it was hard to find all the different combinations of snake colours and get all the patterns.

Claire L (3A)

With one of the puzzles at first I said to myself “I cannot do this” but after a while with help from my group I said “that was easy!”

Marti P (3A)

The doors puzzle was challenging because you had to take the toy around the outside of the house then back in again.

Taliah O (3A)

I liked the mouse trap puzzle because it was a question about nets and we have done nets in class before.