Food glorious food!

Level 3 Update

As part of our Unit of Inquiry, food plays an important role in people’s lives, level 3 students participated in rotations amongst the four teachers.

Mr Jamieson and Miss Zeinstra taught a lesson that involved students using their senses to identify different foods. Without looking at the food, students tasted, felt and smelt samples and had to guess what the foods were and give reasons to support their decisions.

Mr Kyd taught a lesson about food production that was linked to our CARS comprehension focus strategy: sequencing. After utilising Reading Eggs for information about food production, students sequenced the steps of food production for a food of their choice.

Students also participated in a packaging lesson with Mr Hewitt and Ms Sharrock. After looking at different types of packaging and discussing the functions, students deliberated on their preferred packaging type and then gave reasons to justify their choice.

In Miss Page’s group students researched about a food growing in our school garden. They then used persuasive techniques to film an advertisement showing the health benefits of their chosen food.

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