Level 3 - Family histories and cultural identity

Ciara and Naomi with their artifacts.

This term Level Three has been learning about family histories and cultural identity.  As part of their learning student brought in an artifact from home to share with the rest of the class.  The items included old coins, boat tickets, family photos and many more important artifacts.  Naomi from 3B brought in a kippah which represents her identity and cultural background.  Below is a copy of Naomi’s speech that she presented to the class.

A kippah is a head cover that Jewish men wear.  You might wonder why the men wear it and not the ladies.  They wear it so that they can be reminded that God is above them.  Let me tell you a little story about the kippah. A long time ago a women had just had a baby.  She was told that her baby son was going to be a thief.  To prevent this from happening she put on his head a head cover to remind him that God is above him.  Once while sitting under a palm tree, the wind blew off his head cover.  Suddenly he felt like taking fruit off the palm tree that was not his.  He realised the strong effect of wearing a kippah.  Today men wear kippahs to show that they are Jewish believers.   

Naomi G 3B

It’s been a fantastic unit and I think we can confidently say all students now know more about their family and their personal identity.

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