Level 2 Update - How We Share The Planet

From Mr Le-Ray, Ms Sipthorpe and Miss England

During the past fortnight we have been fortunate enough to have two visitors in Learning Centre 3. Bobbity the rabbit and Belle the dog have helped us learn more about our Central Idea, “Animals are a part of our everyday life.” The Wingates and the Whatleys kindly brought their pets in and told us about their daily interactions with them.  If anyone else is interested in bringing their pets in, then please contact your classroom teacher.  More details will be provided in a notice; watch out for it.

We are currently studying Information Reports.  This ties beautifully into our unit of inquiry about animals and the students have thoroughly enjoyed researching creatures that they are interested in.  So far we have focussed on synthesising information and presenting our work in paragraphs.  Here are a few examples.


Alex C 2A     Pelicans

Habitat: They live all around the coasts and in inland salt water lakes and swamps.

Diet: Pelicans eat fish and crustaceans such as crabs and shrimps.

Features: The pelican is one of the largest flying birds.

Babies: Mother Pelicans lay two, three or four eggs at a time and the chicks learn to fly at about three months.


Thomas B 2A       Hopping Mice

Habitat: Australia, burrows, hot, dry and sandy places.

Diet: Grass, seeds, roots, leaves and insects.

Features: Light brown fur, bushy tail, oval shaped ears, long legs and strong teeth.

Babies: They give birth to live babies.

As a part of our Inquiry unit, ‘How We Share the Planet’, students were invited to bring their pets into the module and deliver a short presentation about them to the class.  Thank you to all of the families that made time in their schedules to participate. The students loved having pets in the classroom and every child was keen to bring their own pet in.  Here are a few of our friendly visitors.

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