Level 2 Update (28.8.15)

Ms. England, Ms. Sipthorpe and Mr. Le-Ray

It has been a very busy week in Level two this week. Monday heralded the start of Book Week and the students arrived dressed as their favourite characters. Wally from ‘Where’s Wally’ was a popular choice of dress but was rivalled this year by ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Minions’ characters.

We had a parade of classic book characters- Pippi Longstocking, Clementine Rose, Bilbo Baggins and fairies as well as sporting characters- football players, soccer players, a netball player, a cricketer; Disney characters- Micky Mouse, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and other popular characters- a pigeon, princesses, kittens, Princess Bubble gum. The students were very excited to have everyone guess who their character was and even more excited to tell everyone who their character was. We have been reading the nominated books over the term and the students have voted on their favourite ones.

Worm Farming in Level 2

After recess on Monday, it was time to learn about worms, the wonderful job they do in our gardens and how to care for them. Freya from ‘Kingston Council’ came to the school and explained about the different types of worms found in the garden. She showed us how to set up a worm farm and what worms need to live. Surprisingly, worms like to eat tea bags, the string and all, but they do not like any type of citrus. They have soft skin and it burns them! They do like fruit and vegetable scraps and water. 1/2A were lucky to get the new worm farm set up in the courtyard outside of their area and look forward to watching the worms settle in.


Footy Day

We are all looking forward to Footy Day on Friday. There has been much discussion about who the mystery football player is! Everyone is very excited about the teacher versus student match and looking forward to dressing up as their favourite sporting player.

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