Level 2 Measurement

The Level 2 students always enjoy learning new concepts in a fun way. These last two weeks the students have been learning about measurement and how things can be measured using formal units, such as centimetres and informal units, such as their hands and icy pole sticks.

All of the classes measured objects in the room, such the table top and whiteboard, using their fingers, hands and the icy pole sticks. They measured their partners to see how long they were when they were lying on the floor. We discussed how the measurements were informal because they could not be easily replicated by someone else to get the same tally.

The Year 2s used metre rulers and metre wheels to measure the length and width of the basketball court, the netball court and the tennis court. They had lots of fun counting the clicks on the metre wheels and then comparing the tallies with the amount they recorded using the metre rulers.

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