Level 2 First Aid

Today the Level Twos participated in a First Aid course provided by St. John’s Ambulance. They learnt the difference between and emergency and a problem and the appropriate emergency services to call. They also learnt about the danger to look for when helping someone, how to tell if someone is really in need of first aid and that 000 is the emergency number to ring.

I learnt ‘D’ is for danger and the ‘D for Danger’ song. – Sienna

I learnt to check for danger to yourself before anyone else. – Elana

I learnt about safety and how to protect yourself. – Taz

I learnt D.R.A.B.C.E.:

D for danger

R for response

A for airways

B for breathing

C for C.P.R

E for emergency. – Peter

The Year 2s learning about the responses to make in a first aid situation.

The Year 2s learning about what a danger is and how to avoid one.

The Year 1s learning about what an emergency is.

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