Kids Helpline

We have been learning about a number of strategies when it comes to dealing with bullying.  The students in 4A had the opportunity to skype the Kids Helpline and this lead to some great conversations about the topic.  All classes in Level 3 will have the opportunity to talk to the Kids Helpline this term.  Below is a reflection from Ciara in 4A.

The image above is 4A skyping with Kids Helpline. If you look at the bottom right corner of the picture, you can see 4A!


Kids Helpline


On Tuesday 12th April, 4A had a talk with a counsellor from the Kids Helpline.  We talked about different solutions for different types of bullying. Some of the approaches to stop the bullying were to ignore the bullying and turn your back to the bully or just walk away like you don’t care. However, if they don’t stop the bullying the best approach is to go find an adult who can help you solve the problem.


Lots of people asked interesting questions. As you know, for it to be actual bullying it needs to happen every day. If you run away it won’t change anything. The bully will just think it is a game and enjoy it. If you don’t tell anyone about the problem it’s never going to end.


Most people who are bullies only do it because they are going through tough times or they want to be noticed by people. The people who are being bullied daily, it’s normally not their fault; it’s not fair or right.

Kids Helpline is open for people who have been bullied or been a bully. You will be able to talk about what you should do next time you’re in that situation next time.

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