Information Reports in Level 2

The writing genre that Level 2 are focusing on at the moment are information reports because our current Unit of Inquiry is about how we use our five senses. We have written information texts about ‘How our five senses work’. We had a fantastic time listening to the author Michael Salmon’s presentation on Wednesday, which helped to inspire us when writing.  Following are some examples of student’s work.

The Five Human Senses

By Luca A, 1A


Our senses help us understand things around us.

My eyes can see.

My nose can smell different smells.

My hands can touch things around me.

My mouth helps me taste.

My ears help me hear.



The Five Human Senses

By Eva V, 1B


Our tongue can taste sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. Everyone’s tongue is different. Your fingers are used for touching. People’s sense of smell is all different.

What We Know About Our Five Senses

By Charlotte K, 1A


Our five senses help us understand the world around us.

Our eyes help us see.

Our ears help us hear.

Our hands help us touch.

Our nose helps us smell.

Our mouths help us taste.

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