Hockey Clinic

Level 3

This week during sport Level 3 participated in a hockey clinic run by Southern United Hockey. Hamish and Scarlet from 3A wrote all about it.

At hockey we played hocktopus. Hocktopus is a game similar to octopus except you play with a hockey stick and ball. Dribbling the ball from one side of the basketball court to the other whilst trying to avoid the octopus who are attempting to push your ball onto the oval. Everybody tried their hardest but there could only be one winner!

We also practiced lots of skills including passing to the other person, dribbling and moving the ball. It was important to remember to keep your stick low and to be careful when passing so everybody stayed safe. So come along to the hockey club just down Farm Road to play some hockey yourself.

By Hamish L and Scarlet W

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