Problem Solving with Deakin University

Year 3 were fortunate to have some pre-service Maths teachers come and visit our school from Deakin University. Students were engaged in a number of ‘Problem Solving’ based activities like: How many lollies in a jacket? How many cows were in each paddock? Build your own house and Flavoured Ice Cream.

How Many Lollies in the Jacket: students were given the prompt that there were 12 lollies altogether in 3 pockets. They had to work out how many were in each specific pocket. They worked through all the permutations first eg:  6+6+0 = 12, 9+2+1 = 12 and found a total of 19 solutions. Then they were given other clues eg: that two of the numbers were odd and the third number was double the other two. Finally, the students worked out the answer to be: 3+3+6 = 12.

The children utilised all the hands-on materials provided and seemed to enjoy themselves immensely during the 90 minute period.

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