Camp Sunnystones

Written by Lauren and Jess

Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m Jess.

We are going to be telling you about Camp Sunnystones.  We stayed there for two nights and three days.  Some of the activities we did were the hike to Sunnystones, the survival game, geocaching, hut building, the night walk, archery, low ropes, rock climbing and the dreamer weaver. 

There were 10 cabins, each cabin had about 10 bunk beds and a bathroom.

When we were doing the hut building we had Billy tea and damper.  Each day we had breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dessert.  It was delicious.

It was a very exciting camp and thank you to Bianca, Andrew, Mr. Owens, Mr. Wheatley, Mr. Hewitt, Mr. Jamieson and Mrs. Taylor for making camp possible. 

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