Bike Education

Written by Lauren McGill 3H

During the week of the 20th April, Level Three did a Bike Education program.  Bike Ed is a program that teaches children how to ride a bike and to be careful of their surroundings, like people and cars backing out of driveways.

We got put into groups they were called white, polka dot, yellow and green.  I was in the green group. One of the activities was riding up to a box with a bean bag in your hand and trying to drop it into the box.

On the final day of Bike Ed we rode to 50 acres, on the way there we rode on the footpath and the bike path.  While we were at 50 acres Mr. Alan Jamieson showed us around the R.S.L. Memorial Garden.  We read all the names of the people who served in war.  

Bike Ed was awesome, amazing and the best.  Thank you to Mr. Alan Jamieson and parent helpers.  You guys are amazing.

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