What's in the box?

On the Monday morning of Book Week, a giant red and white present appeared in the courtyard at Kingston Heath Primary School. Where did it come from? What could it be?


All the students from Prep to Year 6 had a very important writing session during the week to share their thoughts on the appearing present. There is a sample below from our Junior School.

Prep Stories:


Once on a very sunny day, a cloud floated and dropped itself on the ground. A gift walked off the cloud. A Penguin was inside the gift. Suddenly the Penguin jumped out of the gift! The Penguin is going to play on a swing. Now it is going to play at my house. The end.

By Kala P.


Once upon a time at K.H.P.S. there was a crazy person that had a very big present with 8 guinea pigs. When he left it at K.H.P.S. and it started to move. The guinea pigs wanted to get out. The wrapping paper was yellow and green. It was red too. Then it was play time and all of the kids wondered what was inside. They all crowded around the present then it started to move again. Suddenly 8 heads popped out and they started to look for me. And I fed the 8 guinea pigs and I took them home. I looked after them for a very long time. I made the 8 guinea pigs a bed. They were very cute. I just love guinea pigs.

By Jasmine W.


Once upon a time there was a storm. Lightning dropped and a present appeared. There was a cat. There was a hole in the present. It ran away then it came back. The cat played with me for the whole play.

By Josh M.


Once in K.H.P.S. Santa came and delivered a big present there. I think inside there is one puppy and two kittens and three mice. When Santa left, the present started moving then the present cracked open and they all came out.

By Summer W.


Once upon a time a car came to school and dropped the present. In the present is a baby dinosaur. The box started wobbling. The baby dinosaur broke out. It will hide in the garden.

By Charlotte C.


One rainy night when the rain looked like the ocean, a shark appeared and left a present behind. Black chickens, brown chickens and white chickens were laying eggs inside. It was so full that it exploded! The chickens with their eggs, they ran into the hen house and then they lived happily ever after. The end.

By Xavier B.

Year 1 Thoughts:


I think the present comes from the teachers. I think it is for the teachers so they can have a crazy rabbit. I think it’s to have fun.

By Karina K.


I think the box came from a guy with a truck. I think that a big cake came inside the box because it’s the school’s birthday. I think that inside the box has decorations.

By Rose A.


I think the present came from another galaxy and an alien drove it here when none of us were looking and listening. I think there is a giant eyeball inside. When you open the box, the eyeball will fall onto the ground and grow wings and fly all around the school.

By Chloe C.