St John's First Aid Incursion

On Monday 14th November we had a First Aid Incursion.  We learnt the acronym DRSABCD. We remembered a lot from the first aid lesson we learnt in Life Saving at the start of the year, but it was great to have a refresher because first aid is really important.

Danger – Check you are both safe.


Response – Squeeze their shoulders and ask, ‘Can you hear me?’, ‘Open your eyes’, ‘What’s your name?’, ‘Squeeze my hands’. (COWS)


Send for help -It’s really important to know your location, and to click on ‘Emergency’ if you don’t know the pin to log into the mobile phone, then you can call 000.


Airways – Make sure there’s nothing in their throat and if there is use two fingers to get it out.


Breathing – Put your cheek near their mouth to feel their breathing because your cheek is more sensitive than your hand. Look at their chest for the rise and fall of their breathing. If they are breathing move them into the recovery position. If you leave them on their back food could come up. You move their arms into the ‘Dab’ position, use your knee to hold their arm over their chest, and your hand to hold their knee, then push them away from you, move their bent leg up and across and rest their bent arm over their straight arm. Tilt their head back gently.


CPR – If they are not breathing, do CPR. Use the heel of your hand and lock the fingers of the other hand in between the fingers. Do 30 compressions then 2 breaths. The most important part of CPR are the compressions and you might not feel comfortable putting your mouth over a stranger’s mouth so you can just do the compressions. Keep going until the ambulance arrives and they tell you to stop. Don’t lift your hands off the chest when you come up or you’ll change position. You need to push down one third of the height of the body.


Defibrillator – This shocks the heart into restarting.


We all practised finding the location of the heart. We all practised doing compressions on a mannequin.

“First Aid is a good skill to have in case of an accident.” Andres P 6A

“Learning what to do when you’re in that kind of situation is important.” David 6A