Spring into September!

With the weather warming up what a better time to head outside and get active!


This September at KHPS students will be involved in Spring into September, an initiative to get kids moving. During September students and their families are encouraged to eat healthy and be active for at least 30 minutes a day, before or after school, each day during September- including the school holidays.

Developing the importance of physical activity during the primary years can help ensure children lead a healthy lifestyle throughout their whole lives. For this to occur it is recommended that children aged 5+ years accumulate 60 minutes of moderate exercise per day. Spring into September encourages 30 minutes of physical activity per day outside of school hours. Students can then write what activity they participated in on the blog and draw inspiration from others.


On our blog page you will find a comment form. For your chance to win a prize each week, write your first name and class as well as the activity you did that day to go in the draw! Winners will be announced each week at assembly.


Remember to be cyber safe and only write your first name and class. When writing in the comment box please only state what activity you participated in, however please do not state the location. Each comment will be sent by email to the school before being approved to be seen by others on the blog.

To find the website and blog please click on the link below.


Let’s start the road to better health today!