Ski Camp 2015

Mr Starling & Mr Smethurst, Snowsports Coordinators

What an amazing camp! The general consensus was the 2015 camp was ‘totally awesome”. We had fantastic weather, blue skies, sunny days, light winds. Unfortunately it didn’t snow on us, but the conditions were magnificent.  A group of very lucky students went to Mt Buller for 4 days for our now annual Ski Camp.

Our camp is a great opportunity for many students to participate for the first time in the wonderful sport of skiing, an opportunity many may not otherwise have. The excitement on the bus while driving up Mt Buller was high. For many this was the first time they had seen snow.

When we started skiing, our first time skiers quickly learnt how to put on their skis, slide around, turn and stop. They enjoyed riding the lifts for the first time and skiing around the beginner slopes. We also had some KHPS ski camp veterans who are now quite accomplished skiers. They quickly picked up from where they left last year skiing all around Mt. Buller with their instructors. They were focusing on their ‘parallel turns’ while skiing on more challenging terrain, visiting some features of the terrain park; small jumps and the ‘fun box’. The smiles were very memorable.

Students participated in five lessons over three days and were able to practice their own skiing in some extra supervised free skiing. Each day we visited the A-Bom cafeteria for lunch. We stayed at ‘Collegians Ski Lodge’ who were very happy to have us back. Once again they said we are the most organized, best behaved and pleasant school group they have hosted. The students should all be commended for their excellent behavior.


Some of the student’s highlights were as follows:

Andres – One of my favorite highlights were, All the Year 5 & 4 going down A-bom express, and learning how to properly Ski and learn how to do sharp turns.

Chloe P –The highlights at Ski Camp was going down steeper runs and learning to parallel ski. I also like working with people I didn’t usually work with.

Jessie – My highlight for ski camp was going down steep runs such as the Summit.

Maddie – I really liked skiing. Even though I was having trouble at the start I got the hang of it. I liked going down Shaky Knees because it was not too steep but it was not very easy either.

Ella V – My highlight from ski camp was skiing down different runs such as The Summit, Wombat, Boomerang, and the Chute. It was a lot of fun doing different runs.

Nikki – I put on skies for the first time on ski camp so when I got poles I was ecstatic. It was really fun skiing down the Summit, Family Run and Shaky Knees. I obviously enjoyed skiing down the easier runs as well.


Finally we would like to thank the parent helpers; Mrs Leanne Vearing, Mrs Sandi Baumgartner, Mrs Jana Com and Mr Michael Brooks. The camp would not exist without their assistance. The students are very lucky!

A highlights video was shown at assembly, there will be a few finishing touches to the video and then a copy with be distributed to all members of the camp.

We have already begun working on the 2016 addition. The camp will be open to students from Years 4-6 in 2016. Look out for the expressions of interest forms in Term 4.