Ride2School Day

By Chloe P


In the 1970s, 80% of Australian school children rode or walked to school. Today only 20% of school children get to school by bike or foot, with the rest travelling to school in the back seat of a vehicle. The Ride2School team are working to reverse this trend.

On Friday 4th March it was Ride2School Day. The whole school had so much fun riding their bikes to school and decorating their helmets.


We hosted a decorate helmet assembly where students could decorate their helmets at home with balloons, streamers, paper, or anything they wanted . There were some very creative and unique helmets. In addition, there were some amazingly decorated helmets from Art galleries, race cars, a tree, a unicorn, a rainbow and plenty more fantastic designs. Next year, we encourage more people to get involved and decorate their helmets.


Luckily we got a man from Bicycle Recycle come into our school. He came in and checked everyone’s bike to make sure they were safe to use. He was very helpful because if the bike was too damaged for him to fix he told us how it could be repaired.


82 people rode their bike, 24 people rode their scooter or skateboarded, 83 people walked to school, 7 students took public transport and 69 people drove to school.


Many people rode and walked to school but hopefully next year we could get even more people to get active and ride their bike to school.