News from our Sustainability Captain

Rebekah K 6A, Sustainability Captain

National Tree Planting Day is coming up soon on Friday 29th July. Tree Day is an opportunity to do something positive for your local environment and community and to reconnect with nature. National Tree Day started in 1996 and since then more than 3.8 million people have planted 22.3 million trees and plants and it’s still growing.


This year Prep, Year One and Year Two will be watching a video on plant germination, then they will plant a pea seed into a seed pod to take home. Once they have done that, they will draw a picture of a seed, the sun, the water and the wind. Year Three, Four, Five and Six will be discussing the difference between indigenous, native and introduced plants. Then they will make a Powerpoint about one of the plants in the K.H.P.S Wildlife Corridor. Have you seen in lately? It looks fantastic! The native birds love it too!


Remember ‘Nude Food Day’ is every Monday, so if your child’s lunch box has no rubbish in it their name will be put in the School Yard Hero box for a chance to win a prize!