News from our Maths Captain

Vanessa R 6A, Maths Captain

Our topic for Maths Mastery this term is Measurement and Geometry. We completed a pretest on the topic at the end of last term so some students may be working with a different teacher. Measurement and Geometry covers many topics such as length, area, volume, shape, angles and location.


I encourage all students to practice their Maths skills on Mathletics. They can practise automatic number response on Mathletics Live and other Maths topics on Rainforest Maths to help them achieve their Maths SMART goal. Mathletics is an excellent website to practise essential Maths topics. The website provides a wide range of activities, printable workbooks and videos about our Maths curriculum.


I look forward to handing out Mathletics certificates to the Top 10 Mathletics users in the school and the trophy to the grade who has worked the hardest on Mathletics that week at Assembly. Congratulations to those students who received it in Week 1 for continuing to use Mathletics over the holidays.