Michael Salmon visits KHPS!

By Laiba K (Library Captain)

On Wednesday 25th May 2016, we had an author called Michael Salmon visit our school. He told us how he develops a book from the beginning to the end and more. He was really amazing at drawing and writing and he draw a picture in five minutes, which I think was absolutely amazing. He also told us to just follow our dreams and never give up, no matter what we do in life. Michael Salmon told us how he wrote stories about the things in his life, such as his dog Bobo, and how he wrote a book about him called ‘Bobo the Superdog’ and he also made jokes out of his books is well. One of the jokes was,

“What does a polite monster say when he first meets you?’’

“Pleased to eat you!’’

I really liked the way he entertained all of us and he included all the ages in his conversations, not just the older kids, which was really good. At the end he told us that he was going to draw two of us, one girl and one boy.  The girl was Jessica W and the boy was Joel N. Both of the drawings looked absolutely hilarious. At the end he chose Zack in Year 1 to draw him. It was really funny to watch him draw the picture all over the place.