District Swimming 2016

Mr Macdermid & Mr Smethurst, Sport Coordinators

On Thursday 18th February, 25 excited swimmers travelled by bus to Mentone Grammar school to participate in the Cheltenham District Sports Swimming Carnival. After three sessions of before school training (7.45am start!) the squad felt that they were well prepared for the carnival. Thank you for the dedication.


Everyone performed to the best of their ability and tried their hardest on the day. In our district there are schools that are twice the size of Kingston Heath, yet we were able to hold our own in most events and performed admirably.


A special thanks to the teachers that helped out with the swimming carnival and training – Mr Macdermid, Miss Hieberg, Miss Giannaros and Mrs Shaw. I’m sure the students appreciated your input and support. Also thank you to the parents that helped out with cooking the children a scrumptious breakfast after training. A healthy breakfast is the key start to a successful day!


It cannot be missed. The standout of the day was the exemplary behaviour and encouragement of our students.