Book Week 2015

By Georgia G (Library Captain)

On Monday 24th August nearly everyone in the school dressed up as a character from a book. A few people dressed up as the same person, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Where’s Wally and Harry Potter. We had a parade so we could see all of the students dressed up. It was really fun! It was the Preps first time doing the Book Parade and they did a fantastic job. I would love to do Book Week again but sadly it’s the last one for the Year Six students.

“Papa, Please get the Moon for Me”
Written by Eric Carle
On Tuesday Jarli and I read ‘Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me” to the Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students while they ate their lunch. Jarli did the voices of Papa and Monica. Jarli liked that the book allowed you to be creative and visualise the illustrations. I did the voices of The Moon and the narrator. It was fun to read. This is the perfect book for young children! Five Stars!!!

Book Week in the Art Room
When I went into the Art Room to have a look at the Art work done during Book Week, I was super impressed. It was packed, and there was outstanding art work everywhere about the books ‘Scary Night’, ‘Go to Sleep Jessie!’, ‘Fire’ and ‘The Stone Lion’. All of the art work was very colourful. A lot of hard work has gone into their Art and everyone has tried their best! I loved looking at all of the art work.

  • Level 1 “Snail and Turtle are Friends “
    Made a turtle out of paper and a snail out of salt dough.
  • Level 2 “Go to Sleep Jessie!”
    Printing with their fingers, icy-pole sticks, buttons, string, sponges and match sticks.
  • Level 3 “Fire”
    Painted a Fire Background.
  • Level 4 “The Stone Lion”
    Made 3D Lions faces.



Class Activities during Book Week

  • Prep
    Prep A and B read “Snail and Turtle are Friends”. They made Venn diagrams about the book.
  • Level 2
    1A made bookmarks about their favourite book.
    1/2A wrote stories about their favourite book.
    2A drew illustrations with castles in them.
  • Level 3
    3H and 3J read “Meet Douglas Mawson” then created a poster to show a season.
    4A made character profiles and created a PowerPoint.
  • Level 4
    5A, 5/6A and 6A read “Rivertime” then learnt what a palindrome is and made connections from the text to themselves and their own lives.


The Magic Window
A story by Elana S, Year 1, based on the nominated “Go to Bed, Jessie!”

There was once a girl who could never go to sleep. Her name was Natasha. She always had nightmares. One night as Natasha snuggled up into her cosy bed, she whispered to herself, “If only I never had nightmares. I would be able to get to sleep and be refreshed in the morning.” But as she finished whispering, the door opened a bit!

It was her mum making sure she was asleep! Quickly, Natasha rolled over so she was facing the window instead of the door. She was just in time! Her mum opened the door a little wider and peeked in. Natasha pretended to snore loudly! “How strange!” thought Natasha’s mum, “I thought I heard her a minute ago.” When her mum was back in the kitchen, Natasha found herself sound asleep.

The next morning while she was eating her breakfast, Natasha told her mum about last night. She was surprised that she had fallen asleep! She was refreshed! In class, at Maths time, Natasha got all of the extra hard ones right. The next day was Natasha’s birthday! But she was more refreshed than before. Was it the magic of the window?


Each Year Level read all the nominated books during Book Week. They then voted for their favourite story. Click the link to see the results of our vote!

Book Week Graph – By Library Captain