Homework can provide an opportunity for you to join in the learning that is taking place by your child. By joining in with homework, you can gain an understanding of your child’s ability levels, and also their attitude to study. Homework can provide a time to share and celebrate learning together. It can include having a conversation over dinner together, going to the park together and doing chores around the house. It is important that your family schedules in a time for homework, as it demonstrates to the child that homework and study are valuable to life. If you are having difficulties enjoying homework with your child, discuss them with your teacher, so that they might begin to help your situation.

Here are some tips that might help homework time run smoothly:

  1. Provide a regular homework study area that is quiet. You and your child could make a “Homework Study Area” sign to communicate to others the need to be quiet in the area.
  2. Make sure materials are available readily, so homework can be done with minimum interruption. For example, pencils, pencil sharpener, paper, erasers, ruler, etc.
  3. Return homework on time. It is important to instill this responsibility in the child early. Try to encourage a routine, for example, placing the homework in the bag every evening after study time.
  4. Schedule daily homework time. Try to look for a time each day that can become study time.
  5. Do homework independently. Encourage your child to work by themselves, completing all they are able to first. Then when they need help, they can ask about the parts they do not know.