Winter Interschool Sports Report – Round 5: KHPS vs Cheltenham

Written by students

On Friday 29th May, the Year Five and Six students from Kingston Heath Primary School played Round 5 of Winter Interschool Sports against Cheltenham Primary. We played at home, so the Softball and Football games were held at 50 acres and Netball and Soccer were held at Kingston Heath Primary. After such a great game of interschool sport, we can’t wait to play next week.

Netball Girls: Our score was 19-9. We won. We all played really well as a team. Maddie, Elise and Taylor scored goals. Thanks to Jarli for jumping straight back in without much practise. Good job to Anna and Taylor for great defending. Eve and Jessie did excellent passing. Thanks also to Mrs McLochlan for coaching us.

Netball Mixed: Our score was 2-32 on Friday. Sadly we lost to Chelt, but only by 30 points. Jeffery scored our 2 goals. We played all Year 6 and they were like giants for us. There was even a girl on their team called Sophie and she tried out for the State Netball team. Most of us were nervous but we tried hard.

Softball Girls: Our score was 15-17  on Friday, which was our second round of interschool sport. We lost to Cheltenham Primary by 2 points, it was pretty close. Anna was the first to get home. We had one extra player so one person from Chelt got to play twice. We played pretty well, this was our highest score in softball so far. 

Softball Mixed: We lost 9-15. Thomas and Jono both caught balls. Ainslee did a great job with the pitching. Jono batted well. Clarence and Alannah were terrific catchers. We need to work on fielding and batting. Both teams were very respectful, great sports and team players. There was excellent encouragement and communication during the game.

Soccer: The score was 6-0 for our soccer game on Friday. The goals were scored by Alfie, Yan and Harry. Joel got the ball in the first half, sprinted down the line and passed it to Alfie who  shot and scored; it was amazing. Next Alfie took a corner and passed it to Harry who was waiting for the right time to  take the shot and he smashed it into the back of the net. Alfie snatched the ball off one of their players and passed it to Joel who took on a player, passed it back to Alfie and Alfie kicked it over the keeper’s head and we were all amazed. Next Joel had the ball running down the line again, crossed it into Yan, who then volleyed it into the bottom right corner.They had some great shots on our keepers but our keepers saved them all.They had kick off and when the whistle blew Alfie was straight in and got the ball, took on nearly all their defenders and shot another goal, we were all screaming and shouting in joy. Our final goal Alfie ran down the centre of the field and he kicked the ball through the keeper’s legs and 3 minutes later the final whistle blew.We would like to thank Alfie, Yan and Harry for all the goals and David and Anthony for being brilliant keepers.

AFL Football: As we arrived, we knew that we were short of players and it was going to be tough. Luckily Cheltenham gave us a few of their players to help out. When the ball was thrown up, both teams were straight in and trying to get the ball out. We got the first goal and it was scored by a fill in from Cheltenham. We were all very happy because we thought he might not try his best while playing for us, but luckily he had great sportsmanship. At quarter time we were only down by a few points but we knew we were still in it. In the second quarter it was very tight and  everybody was giving it all the effort they had, but Cheltenham were good enough to score a few goals. At half time we were all pretty tired but still having lots of fun and excited to play another half. Cheltenham kept on lending us players and it really helped us. Before we went out to play Mr Smethurst gave us a speech which really changed the whole teams attitude about the rest of the game. Everybody was giving it their best shot. The whole team were very unselfish giving a lot of handballs off. At the end of the game we lost but everybody had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to next week.

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