Winter Interschool Sports Report – Lightning Premiership Round

Written by students

On Friday 12th June, Kingston Heath Primary school played the Lightning Premiership of Winter Interschool Sports! Netball was held at Dales Park, Softball was played at 50 Acres and Soccer and Football were played at Mentone Grammar Playing Fields. We had such a fun day and everyone was great!


Netball Girls: Today netball girls came 3rd overall. We won our first game which was against O.L.A. The scores were 20-6. Well done to Taylor for amazing defence. Unfortunately our second game was a lot harder and we lost against Mentone Grammar. The scores were 6-16. We also lost our 3rd game against Stella Maris 17-11. It was very tough. Our last game we  played against O.L.A. and again we won 19-2. Well done to our great shooters: Elise, Taylor and Maddie and attackers, Jessie And Charlotte, for bringing the ball down into the goal circle. Our defenders also did well; Eve, Jarli and Anna. Thanks so much to Sally who coached us and made us the best we could be. 


Netball Mixed: Today netball mixed came 3rd in our group overall, which was okay because we can use that to improve. The results for our first game was 54-1. We got absolutely smashed because OLA were the best netball team in our league. Next game we lost 13-6. We were very competitive in this game. The good thing was that we didn’t get smashed, but it was a journey to progress. The third game we played Southmoor and played our best game and won 9-4. In our 3rd Placed Play Off, we played Stella Maris {2}. They ended up being too good, but we played really well and never gave up. Overall we had a lot of fun and tried every game. We definitely improved over the course of the term which is the main thing. Thanks to Mr Mac and everyone who came and watched.

Softball Girls:  In round 1 we played Cheltenham East, we won 2-0. Next round we played Cheltenham PS and we tried hard, but they were too good and we lost 0-7. In round 3, we played OLA and won 2-0 and had a bye in the next round. In the final round we played Heatherton Christian College and again lost 7-0. In the finals, we were in 4th place and we played Mentone Girls’ Grammar to determine who placed 3rd. We drew 2-2 and finished the Lightning Premiership in equal 3rd place with MGGS out of the 7 teams playing.

Captains: Gabi, Rebekah and Anna.

Players: Gabi K, Reachell. H (backstop), Anna T, Chloe.S, Kylie F (pitcher), Erin A, Laiba K, Rebekah K, Alanah M, Jenny H and Avanti G.

Highlights: Kylie being so enthusiastic and focused that she tagged a walker to first base and Reachell catching two big hits against Cheltenham East and OLA. Kylie pitched really well during all our games and this contributed to our great result and Laiba hit a huge ball to get us some really important runs. Gabi and Anna getting a double home run against Cheltenham East and Anna tagging out a player and ending the game for MGGS and giving us third equal place in the championship. All of our team supported each other, were encouraging and showed terrific sportsmanship. It was a great day.


Softball Mixed: In Round 1, we played Stella Maris and won 6 to 2. In Round 2, we played Cheltenham East and drew 2 all. In Round 3, we played Southmoor and won 6 to 4. In Round 4, we played Cheltenham and lost 7 to 3. In Round 5, we played OLA and lost 9 to 1. After all the rounds we finished equal first with our points, so then they worked out our ranking by our number of home runs. So we played in the Final, 3rd against 4th. We played Heatherton Christian College and lost 1 to 2. So, overall we came 4th out of 8. OLA came first.

Captain: Jonathan Vearing (pitcher).

Players: Tyson S, Georgia G (backstop), Danah O, Clarence O (backstop), Angel L, Peter C, Steve Z, Ainslee G (backstop), Hudson F and Thomas C.

We all played really well, supported each other, had a positive attitude and good sportsmanship throughout the day. Jono showed great leadership as captain. Even though we were 2 players down in the finals, we never gave up. 

Thank you to Mr O’Meara for his enthusiastic support on the day!


Soccer: In Round 1, we played Heatherton and we won 2-0! In Round 2,  we played Stella Maris and won 3-0. In Round 3, we played Southmoor and won 4-0. In Round 4, we played Cheltenham and won 1-0.


AFL Football: Today we had our lightning premiership. We were really pumped, we arrived at the playing fields and set up. Our first game was against Cheltenham East, and we won convincingly 46 to 13. Our second game was against OLA but unfortunately they were too good, winning 26 to 39.  Our third game was against Cheltenham who we defeated convincing 34 to 14. With that victory, we had won the development division and were then able to play-off against OLA in the district division. However with only 15 players, including 3 year four students, we were exhausted against the full strength team of OLA and were defeated by 3 goals.

Our highlights were: Seb’s awesome marks, Jack’s constant running and tackling, Ella and Harrison’s hard work in the ruck and Oscar and Brodie’s 6 goals each for the day, including goals from the boundary line. We would like to thanks all the people who came to watch and Mr S for making it all happen. 

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