Winter Interschool Sport Report – Round 3, 2016

Today was Round 3 of Winter Interschool Sport. We played Cheltenham East Primary School. It was an away game which meant that Soccer and Netball were played at the school and Football and Softball were played at Le-Page park.


Netball Girls: When we arrived at Cheltenham East, we saw the Le Page girls getting ready for the game. We figured out everyone’s positions and then started the game. Unfortunately we lost the game by 3 points, the scores were 5 to 8, Cheltenham East won. Some of the highlights were Alicia and Stephanie’s (one of the Le Page students) awesome shouting and Phoebe and Vanessa’s great passing. We played our hardest, even though we lost.


Netball Mixed: It was the third round of winter interschool sports and the Mixed Netball team were very excited. Unfortunately we lost 32 to 2. We did really well but most of the kids on the other team were tall Year 6’s. Some of the highlights were Rhys’ intercepts, Charlee’s shooting and Vishwa’s catching. We tried our best and did a really good job. Thanks Mr Mac for umpiring our game.


Softball Girls: It was a great match of interschool sport even though we lost the game by 11 runs. The score was 17 to 6. Some of the highlights were all the amazing team support and encouragement, the amazing hitting by Alannah and the great pitching and courage by Silvia for being pitcher for the first time. We could of improved on our catching and throwing. We would like to thank Lisa and Lachie for coaching us. It was an amazing game for all the girls.


Softball Mixed: It was an amazing third round of interschool sport and we versed C.E.P.S. The scores were 9-8 and even though we lost, we all had a great time. Some of the highlights were the amazing teamwork by Arwen, Thomas and Jack. We would like to improve on knowing what pitches to hit and leave. We would also like to thank Tess for volunteering to play as part of our team. Overall, it was a great game of softball.


Soccer: Today was a good day for Kingston Heath as we approached Cheltenham East Primary School. At the end of the match the scores were 2-0. We had fabulous keeping from David and Logan and we played really well considering they had substitutions. We were passing the ball around really well and everyone was doing everything really well. We almost scored once but was stopped on the line.


AFL Football: It was an epic match for Kingston Heath the scores 19 – 32, we won. The highlights of the match were Brodie’s spectacular screamer and Sienna’s amazing attack on the footy and Mr S’s epic coaching lead us through the game. At three quarter time we were only up by 2 points. We had an inspirational speech from Mr S. We walked out and kicked three goals against the wind in the last quarter. We walked out feeling proud and tired after the win.

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