Winter Interschool Sport Report - Round 1, 2016

On Friday 22nd April, Kingston Heath Primary School played their first round of Winter Interschool Sport against Heatherton Christian College. It was a home game so the Softball and Football players went to 50-Acres and the soccer players and netballers played at Kingston Heath.


Netball Girls: Today was an ok day. To start off we only had 4 people to play with and then the Le Page kids came just in time.  When Heatherton Christian College came you could see how ready they were to play the game. Halfway through the game Alicia went to shoot for a goal and it fell out her hands and hit her foot and then kept rolling and for a while we stood there and did nothing and let it roll. The results of the game were K.H.P.S. 4 and H.C.C. 4 so we drew.


Softball Girls: When we arrived at the diamond, the whole team was very excited. The team was so cheerful that everyone was really confident. The highlights were Fotini’s amazing hit and nearly got 2 people home. The second highlight was Rebekah’s cheering to Alannah that she could do it, it really worked well. We lost to Heatherton 9-7. We could improve a lot more of catching and throwing the ball to each other, but it was a fun and an amazing game.


Softball Mixed: Our team was thrilled to be playing against Heatherton Christian College and they looked thrilled as well. Arwen and Jack were great at catching the ball and Jacob was awesome at pitching. When it was our turn to bat Noah ran really fast and Jonah hit the ball really far. We defeated Heatherton 5-2.We should practice on our batting but aside from that we had lots of fun.


Soccer: Our whole team was so excited for our first game. We played really well considering we had only done a little bit of training. The highlights were Shaun’s amazing defending, David’s fantastic goalkeeping, Joel, Logan and Mehdi’s passes, and Chloe’s goal. We lost to Heatherton 2-1. We could improve on controlling the ball better but overall it was an excellent game.


AFL Football: Our team was pumped for our first game. We were having a great time and were playing pretty well considering that most of the girls had no training. The scores were 5-7-37 to 5-2-32. We defeated Heatherton and we had won our first game. We can’t wait for our next game and hopefully we can continue winning for the rest of the footy season.

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