We need food for survival

The Preps are currently focusing on the Central Idea, ‘We need things for survival’. This week, we have been learning about the importance of food and a healthy lifestyle.

Yesterday the Preps had a visitor come to our school. She was teaching us about healthy eating. We learnt that there are different types food. Some food is healthy and you can eat it everyday. Other food is called ‘sometimes food’, you can only eat that food sometimes. We had special food beanbags and we had to thrown them onto the right section of the food pyramid.

The ‘everyday food’ had four different sections in the pyramid. On the bottom was fruit and vegetables called ‘feel-good food’; then moving up the pyramid was potatoes and pasta, which are ‘energy foods’; then there was milk, eggs and meat, which are called ‘strong foods’ and finally at the top was olive oil, which we only use a bit to cook with.

In a separate bowl was the ‘sometimes food’ which included the treats we are allowed to eat sometimes.

I am buying bananas. They are a healthy everyday food. Today they cost $1.30.

By Summer W

I am buying skittles. They are a sometimes food. Today they cost $2.50.

By Ella K

I am buying a watermelon. They are a healthy everyday food. Today they cost $0.90.

By Grace H


The next day during our writing session, the Preps had to make a shopping list using a Woolworths catalogue. They had to choose a variety of foods and put them into two sections on their shopping list; everyday healthy food and sometimes food.

I am buying tim tams because I would like to try them. They are a sometimes food. Today they cost only $2.50, I think this is a bargain. I would like to share them with Mum and Dad.

By Kala P.

I am buying apples and blueberries. They are both healthy everyday foods. Today the apples cost $2.40 and Blueberries cost $4.00.

By Thomas N.

I am buying water which is a healthy everyday food. Today the pack of water cost $8.00.

By Imogen M.

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