Summer Interschool Sport Report

Round 5, 2016

On Friday 4th March the Year Five and Six students from Kingston Heath Primary School played Stella Maris at Kingston Heath Primary School. The weather was warm and sunny and the teams were ready to play Round Five of interschool sports. It was a home game which meant Tee-ball was played at 50 acres, and Volleystars, Hot Shots Tennis and Kanga Cricket were played at Kingston Heath Primary School.


Kanga Girls: The result was 105 to 73. We won and we got two wickets. We have improved at hitting off the cones and backing each other up when fielding. We need to work on bowling straight. We’re feeling nervous but excited about the Lightning Premiership next week.


Kanga Boys:  The result was 176 to 106. We won! Today we were great at bowling and Andres and Brodie caught other players out. We have improved our bowling and fielding, but we could still improve at batting. We’re feeling pretty confident about the Lightning Premiership as we are undefeated!


Tee-ball Girls: The score was 2-20. We lost but it was an amazing game. The highlight of the day was Avanti with her outstanding cheering and when Sereniti had her turn to hit the ball, 2 people managed to score. We are getting better every week and are looking forward to the Lightning Premiership next week.


Tee-ball Boys: The result was 8 to 10, Stella Maris won. Our team demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship today. We have improved in hitting the ball and throwing to the other bases, but we need to improve catching the ball and picking it up from the ground. Overall, we had a great time and I think we did a great job.


Volleystars Girls: It was the 5th round of interschool sport and the volley star girls were wanting the long awaited win, Unfortunately the win didn’t come this week, Stella Maris won 15 to 8 but some of the highlights were Fotini’s amazing catches and Sienna’s great serves. Overall it was a great game and we can’t wait for the Lightning Premiership next week!


Volleystars Mixed: As Kelly did a spectacular serve, the ball hit the ground of the other team and ended the round 1, we won that round. Stephanie D and Vishwa did some great catches and Kelly did some fantastic serves. The final scores were 15-11. We won and can’t wait for the Lightning Premiership.


Hotshots Tennis: It was the 5th round of interschool sports and the hotshots tennis people were ready to rock and roll . Alison serving was excellent and Jenny did amazing ground shots. We won 15 to 8 and we had lots of great games. Our singles was our best so we could improve on doubles for next week. Overall we had a great game.

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