Summer Interschool Sport Report

Round 4, 2016

On Friday 26th February the Year Five and Six students from Kingston Heath Primary School stayed at Kingston Heath Primary School to play Round Four of interschool sports. It was a home game which meant Tee-ball was played at 50 acres, and Volleystars, Hot Shots Tennis and Kanga Cricket were played at Kingston Heath Primary School. After such a great start for interschool sport, we cannot wait to play Round Five!


Kanga Girls: Today we played a great game of cricket. We achieved our highest score today. The score was 151-111. We lost by 41 runs. Some of the highlights were Ainslee’s great smash hit, Jenna’s great bowling, Laiba’s big improvement in bowling, Ava’s exceptional fielding, Alannah and Alicia’s outstanding backing up and the team support. I think we could improve on our bowling. All up we played a great game of cricket.


Kanga Boys: I think all us boys thought that we had a surprising win against OLA. It was a close game but we still remain undefeated. The scores were 148-171. Highlights: Rhys hitting a few sixes, Logan’s spectacular fielding, Oscars six over the fence and everyone’s unbelievable bowling and sportsmanship. I think we could have improved on our fielding and backing up at the wickets.


Tee-ball Girls: Last week tee-ball girls played against O.L.A. As we were walking down to 50 Acres, the excitement was rushing through us as we could hear the other team arriving. The highlights were six of us made a home run and Kya caught the ball and dismissed the batter. The scores were 6-19 even though we did not win we had a great time and improved a lot from last week!


Tee-ball Boys: Last Friday, tee-ball boys played O.L.A. I was so excited until I heard that we had to walk to 50 acres. Once we were there, OLA.had arrived and we were ready to play ball. We thought we were going to win but the scores were 14-2 in OLA’s favour. Our team demonstrated great sportsmanship and some of the highlights were when Bailey caught 2 people out and when Jacob caught a massive hit.


Volleystars Girls: We arrived bright and early ready to win our 4th game. We played OLA and it was a great game but unfortunately we lost 12 to 7.The highlights were Sienna’s amazing catches and everyone doing so well. It was overall a great day and the parent umpire taught us a lot more about volley ball which will help us in the Lightning Premiership.


Volleystars Mixed: Last week we had lots of fun playing with our friends. Jack was really good at serving and Vishwa was really good at catching.. Everyone was co-operating and encouraging to each other. The scores were 7-25 OLA but we still had lots of fun.


Hot Shots Tennis: Last week we played OLA at KHPS and there were some amazing games. Shout out to Cameron for trying his best in every game. The scores were not announced to us so we don’t really know who won. We had really good fun.

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