Summer Interschool Sport Report - Round 2




Introduction: On the 17th February, Kingston Heath participated in Round 2 of Interschool Sports. We didn’t play Round 1 because we had a bye so this was our first round of games. Today we played against O.L.A. The volleyball and tennis was played at O.L.A., and the cricket and t-ball was played at Cheltenham Park.
Kanga Cricket Girls: It was a very action packed game. There were so many highlights, such as Phelia and Martha´s amazing bowling that hit the stumps, Emma and Sienna L´s great batting which gave us lots of runs and our awesome teamwork. As we cheered on our team-mates they tried their hardest. A special thanks to Mr. Starling for coaching us and Mrs. Watt for her support. One of our main goals to improve on is to communicate to each other by saying ´Yes´ to run or ´No´, not to run. In the end we lost by 5 runs, the final scores being 62 to 57. Now we are ready and so pumped for our next game.
Kanga Cricket Mixed: We had a amazing day and it was a beautiful day for cricket. We all worked as a team very well. We all had loads of fun! Some of the highlights were Mehdi’s awesome batting, lots of great catches and Jack’s awesome bowled wicket. Brodie and Gero’s amazing fielding was insane and Ava bowled a great first over. Max and Sienna’s hitting was very good, while Jacob, Nadav and Luca all bowled well too.  What we need to improve on is our encouragement to others and our batting. The scores were 101 to 101. We thought this was an awesome game. Thank you to Mr Jamieson for coaching us on the day and to Mr. Starling for coaching us during the week. Overall this was a fun and exciting first game and we are looking forward to next time! We hope we play like this or even better next week.
Volleyball Girls:  The girls had an amazing game against O.L.A. Some of the highlights were Eva and Kya’s amazing serving and Phoebe’s brilliant defence. It was very funny when Fotini dropped the ball when she was about to serve and missed it, and then tried to kick the ball. Katie who is the only Year 5 in our team was really nervous but she is an amazing player. The things we need to improve on are the serving because we practised serving incorrectly during training. Thanks to Mrs Wheatley and Mr Buccilli from O.L.A. for telling us all of the rules and letting us off with a few things. Thanks to all the parents who came to the game and to Miss Campbell. O.L.A. were amazing sports and cheered on our team as we all did too. The first game we won 15 – 11 and the second game we won of 15 – 9.
Volleyball Mixed: The Mixed Volleyball team had a good game even though we lost. Thanks to Ms. Wheatley for her amazing coaching. We showed O.L.A. that we could dig and we demonstrated good sportsmanship right throughout the game. The highlights of the day were when the ball came over the net, Jaime went to hit the ball but it hit him in the chin. Lucas showed us he is great at digs, Harley is a great server and Rhys is a fantastic spiker.
Tennis: The Hot Shots Tennis was a great game. It was very tense on the court. Jonathan’s great serving made it hard for his opponent to beat him. Sarthak’s spectacular hitting lead him to a brilliant win in his singles match! In his doubles match it was such a close game, he and Ellias lost just by two points. I would like to congratulate the whole Hot Shots tennis team for a great game and sportsmanship! We would also like to thank Ms. Fox for coaching and umpiring.
T ball Mixed: Even though we lost against O.L.A we had a good time playing against them. Some highlights were Baileys good hit to get 2 people home and when Billy stopped a really fast ball with his stomach. Arwen and Adam H got home to get two runs. The scores were 23-2.We think we need to improve on fielding and hitting harder and further and to focus on the ball. But overall we had fun in the perfect weather and hope to win the next match. We had an audience which were Sarah (Toby’s mum), Andrew Freese and our team mascot, Riley.
T ball Girls: The T-Ball girls team won against O.L.A in a close contest. We had a fun time and a highlight of the day was when Sereniti got two people out. One of the skills we improved on was our batting, and Hailey and Sarah were our best two batters.  We showed great teamwork and sportsmanship when a new batter went up to go have a hit; we cheered them on and congratulated them.Our team won by three points on a score of 14-11. Something that we need to improve on is our fielding, even though we did take a few good catches. We would like to say thank you to Rebecca (Hailey’s Mum), for coaching us.

Kanga Cricket Girls: Lost 57-62

Kanga Cricket Mixed: Tied 101-101

Volleyball Girls: Won 2 -0 (15-9, 15-12)

Volleyball Mixed: Lost 0-2 (6 – 15, 7 – 15)

T Ball Mixed: Lost 23-2

T Ball Girls: Won 14 -11

Tennis: Lost 10 – 5


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