S.A.K.G. Program

Level 4 Update


In Garden lessons so far this term the students have been:

  • Collecting seeds from plants so we can replant them next season
  • Weeding garden beds
  • Pulling out plants that have finished their season and replanting them in the chicken coop for the chickens to eat
  • Sweeping up leaves to clear pathways
  • Improving the Prep’s courtyard garden by preparing a garden bed which involved removing tree roots, buried rubbish and builder’s sand then replacing it with compost, manure and clay soil
  • Sifting clay soil to mix with sand and make loam (the clay helps bind organic matter)

They are also inquiring about different plant families and finding out information including:

  • Latin name
  • Vegetables in the family
  • Origin
  • Path to Australia
  • Growing requirements
  • Pests and diseases
  • Uses in cooking



In Kitchen lessons so far this term the students have:

  • Learnt about how Stephanie Alexander first started the program
  • Revised the safety rules
  • Made place mats
  • Identified the taste of a selection of ingredients and sorted them into sweet, salty, sweet and sour
  • Identified herbs by their smell
  • Written about the difference between taste and flavour

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