Robotics in Level 3

This week, students in 3A pioneered a new Lego EV3 robotics program. Working in small groups, students took turns finding the materials, reading the complicated instructions and putting pieces together to create their own robot car. Each student had to show persistence, problem solving and communication skills to build their robot. Over the next few weeks, 3A will be putting their coding knowledge to use by programming their robot to solve problems and navigate obstacle courses. EV3 robotics and coding aligns fantastically with the new Digital Technologies strand of the Victorian Curriculum.

The robots can be coded to follow a black line. Next time we use the robots I would like to learn how to make it move. It was really fun making it with a partner and I am happy with how we worked as a team. After we finished our robot we learnt how to change its name and I helped others to finish theirs.

By Ryan L.

It took a really long time to make but it was really fun making the robots. It was quite challenging to find a good place to put the wires.  I’m proud of what we did but next time I think we can work to build it faster. We called our robot Ruby.

By Scarlet W.

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