Prep Woodwork Incursion

To conclude our Unit of Inquiry, ‘Stories make us think’, the Preps participated in a special woodwork incursion based on Fairytale characters. The students became ‘Mini Handymen and women’, using hammers, glue and nails to construct their very own take-home model.


Thank you very much to all our wonderful parent helpers who assisted and modelled their fine motor skills for the Preps!

We made Fairytale characters and banged nails too and we used sandpaper and I made a baby bear and at the end we made an aeroplane. Antonio was nice. Antonio told instructions and we looked at all the characters.

By Josh A.


We made our own characters and I made Sleeping Beauty and we got to wear safety goggles and he made a rocket and we got to watch a video at the end.

By Erica E.


We put safety goggles on because wood will get in your eyes. Our woodwork teacher is Antonio. He showed a video about tools. It was fun. Antonio was nice.

By Thomas N.


Today I got to make a Fairytale. I made Puss in Boots. It was fun. Antonio made a tool box. I got to use tools. I got to use hammers also I got to use safety goggles.

By Josh M.

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