Craftpower Woodwork & Healthy Eating Incursions

Miss Moore & Mr Starling

The Preps had a sensational week this week!


They are currently writing their own Fairytale story using all their knowledge from our Unit of Inquiry, ‘How We Express Ourselves’. The Preps’ stories will include a hero, a villain, a setting, a problem and a solution. It is very exciting creating our own story book!


The Preps participated in a woodwork incursion from ‘Craftpower’. We learnt about the importance of safety when working with tools. Each Prep wore special protective goggles and made sure to keep their fingers away when hammering! They learnt what a screwdriver, pliers and a drill looks like and then used sandpaper, PVA glue, a hammer and nails to make their very own Fairytale character. A big thank you to our parent helpers for their hammering and artistic support; Ms Vartanian, Ms Needham, Mr Westbury, Ms Beagan and Ms Kennedy.


The Preps also participated in a healthy eating incursion from ‘Star Fitness’. We learnt the difference between ‘leaping lizard’ (healthy) food and ‘lazy lizard’ (unhealthy) food. The Preps also discussed how many servings of each food we should eat. Then we played some fun physical activities outside because staying active is also important for our health!

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