Prep Community: Mr Safehouse & Mr Lifeguard

The Preps are learning about the importance of roles and routines. Recently, we have been discussing the roles that Neighbourhood Watch and Lifeguards have in our community.

The Preps excitedly point out Neighbourhood Watch signs whenever they see them and created their own ‘Safehouses’ which are displayed in the Prep room.

Mr Safehouse

I walked down the street. A stranger came and he said “come in my car” then I ran away. Then I went to Mr Safehouse. I told him to call the Police. I stayed with Mr Safehouse. I ate juice with Mr Safehouse. The end.

By Rose A.

Mr Safehouse

Mr Safehouse went to work and there were some robbers and they stole the money from the wallet. He chased the robbers and they were too fast. Then he called the police and the police searched all of town. Then they found the robbers and the police gave the money back and he lost his pen, but it was in the drawer.

By Elliot B.


The Preps have carefully watched what the Lifeguards do at the Waves Pool during our swimming lessons so we can write about them.

Mr Lifeguard

Once upon a time Elle goes to the beach with Charlie and Jai. Jai nearly drowns. Mr Lifeguard saves him.

By Elle G.

Little Miss Lifeguard

Little Miss Lifeguard was sitting on the big chair and somebody fell in the pool. Then she saved him.

By Leon B.

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