Who is in our community?

The Preps have been discussing our new Central Idea, ‘Everyone has a role in the community’. We talked about who is part of our local community, starting with ourselves, our families and our friends. We also talked about all the places we like to visit in our community and the people we meet around the community.

Over the past two weeks, the Preps have been discussing the role Lifeguards and Teachers have in our community. We have carefully watched what the Lifeguards do at the Waves Pool during our swimming lessons so we can write about them. We also talked about all the ways that Teachers help at school. The Preps have written creative stories to demonstrate their knowledge.

Mr School Teacher

One day Mr School Teacher came to school. He was teaching the class about the THRASS chart.
The kids said “This is fun!”
It was Mr School Teacher’s first time at school. He had so much fun!!!
The end.

By Imogen M.


Mr School Teacher

One day Mr School Teacher came to school and let everybody in. Today he was teaching the children about the community.
Jasmine asked “What is the community?”
Mr School Teacher said “The community is everybody. And it is a job.”
Now Jasmine knows what the community is.

By Jasmine W.


Mr School Teacher

One day Mr School Teacher helped the kids to read. He helped them to write and then Mr School Teacher was singing.

By Annie Y.


Mr School Teacher

One day Mr School Teacher helped me to write but I lost my pencil. Mr School Teacher looked for it and found it.

By Shanee S.



Mr Lifeguard

On Wednesday Mr Lifeguard was at the pool. A boy was around the pool. He fell in to the pool then Mr Lifeguard went running. Mr Lifeguard threw a kickboard and Mr Lifeguard rescued him.

By Josh A.


Mr Lifeguard

One afternoon a kid was running very fast. The Lifeguard said “Stop!”
Well the kid didn’t listen and he slipped. The Lifeguard called the other Lifeguards. The Lifeguard helped the kid and the Lifeguard checked the kid if he was alright.
“You’re not allowed to run” he said.

By Julius F.


Mr Lifeguard

One day Mr Lifeguard was looking at everyone out in the sea. He saw that Annie was stuck in the water. Mr Lifeguard said “Get my boat!” and she was sage. Mum said not to go out of the flags again.

By Freya L.


Mr Lifeguard

One day there was a boy who fell into the pool. When he fell in he bumped his head. Mr Lifeguard jumped in the pool and got him out and he was saved.

By Peter S.


Little Miss Lifeguard

Little Miss Lifeguard was at the beach. Some kids came to swim. A wave came and flash flooded the beach. There was a shipwreck. Little Miss Lifeguard saved them. She whooshed!!! Through all the waves and saved the kids.
They said “Thanks”.
The End

By Thomas N.

Little Miss Lifeguard

Little Miss Lifeguard was at the beach on a hot sunny day. All the Preps said, “Hello”. They asked, “Are we allowed to swim in the water?”
Little Miss Lifeguard put out the flags so the Preps could go swimming.
The End.

By Samantha V.

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