Melbourne Museum Excursion - Level 3

As part of the Level 3 Unit of Inquiry students visited the Melbourne Museum.  The central idea for the unit was ‘Health and survival is reliant on systems of the body functioning together.’ At the museum the students visited the Wild, Dinosaur and Human Body Exhibitions. A fantastic day was had by all and everyone learnt lots of different things about the human body and living creatures.  After the excursion the students wrote a recount about their experience – below is a recount by one of the students.


By Phelia K


Today I am going to tell you about the best Excursion ever. My reasons for believing it was the best excursion are: I got to hang out with my friends from the other class, I got to discover new things and I got to touch parts of extinct animals.


Firstly, I got to hang out with one of my friends from the other class and that was fun because I never get to hang out with her. I also enjoyed it because we laughed a lot and enjoyed ourselves.


Secondly, I got to discover new things. That was fun because I’ve never seen those things before and I love discovering new things. I particularly loved discovering the rainforest.


Finally, I also got to touch parts of extinct animals. I really enjoyed that because I got to touch animals that don’t exist anymore. Wouldn’t you want to touch extinct animals?


Now go tell your teacher and your school that you should go to the Melbourne Museum today because of my reasons above. It is the best museum!!!

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