Level 4 Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Report

By Jenny H and Georgia C

Last week in our Stephanie Alexander kitchen class we had a phenomenal vegetable based minestrone soup with macaroni for main, a golden sultana salad with a tasty dressing. We also made herb grissini bread sticks and for dessert we had a marvelous apple tea cake with a hint of cinnamon.


While the macaroni was cooking, our teacher made a fantastic link to our current unit of inquiry, ‘Changing the states of matter’. In this case water was the subject. Our teacher pointed out the water dripping from the saucepan lid. The reason this was happening is CONDENSATION. When the water heats up to around 100 degrees the bonds break and because steam is a gas the steam rises and collects on the top and cools down back into a liquid form of water.


All the food was delicious and  fun to make. We can’t wait until our next kitchen lesson!

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