Level 4 Garden News

By Jemimah S

On Friday 17th February, Level 4 had their Garden classes. We had a lovely time as it was just the right temperature. It was the best lesson, with the fantastic Mr. Thompson as our teacher as always.


A group of kids did the worm juice duties. They went to the worm farm, put the worm juice in empty milk cartons and poured the worm juice on our herb and vegetable garden.


Another other group did some weeding. They went hunting for “Fat Hen” and “Dandelion” weeds. They found a lot at the back of the garden. Mr Thompson told us how the first settlers brought Fat Hen over to Australia for the chickens to eat because they didn’t like eating gum leaves.

“Fat Hen”

Whatever they were doing, from pulling out weeds, to collecting worm juice, Level 4 had great fun in the Garden!


5/6A were really lucky as Mrs Janash came and helped with their lesson. More parent helpers are always welcome to join in the fun!

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