Sovereign Hill

Level 3 Report

The activities we did on camp were: seeing the Red Coat Soldiers, Sweet Making, Gold Museum, Musket Firing, Gold Panning, Candle Dipping, Blacksmith Demo, Bowling, Gold Pouring, Tour of Grounds, Red Hill Mine Tour, Blood On The Southern Cross, Educational Session and Pantomime. They were all very FUN!!!


On Monday 20th June, Level 3 left for Sovereign Hill for 3 days. We were all very excited and nervous to go on this wonderful trip!

Once we got to Sovereign Hill we did some activities with our groups. They were the blacksmiths, the miners, the coachmen and the merchants. Then we got settled and organised into our cabins. We all did gold pouring and saw the Blood on the Southern Cross production that night together.

The next morning we got out of bed after a good night’s sleep. After we all got dressed and cleaned up, we went to the Sovereign Hill café for breakfast. Then we did some activities in our groups. After those activities we headed back to the Sovereign Hill café for lunch. After that we did some more activities in our groups and before you know it, it’s time for dinner. So after dinner it was time for the awesome pantomime!


On the last day we got ready to go home again. We got breakfast at the café once again. After breakfast we did a final check of our cabins and then got on the bus. The bus was split into 2 groups, 4A and 3A and on a separate bus, 3/4J and 4B. After a short trip in the bus we stopped at Ballarat Botanical Gardens to do an activity on the Prime Ministers Head Trail. Once again we split back into those 2 groups and hopped on the bus to go home. 3/4J and 4B watched Angry Birds and 3A and 4A watched Happy Feet. Once we got back to K.H.P.S. we were overjoyed to see our family because camp was AWESOME, but it was awesome to be home too!

By Jess W, Tori E and Sienna L

Since the Sovereign Hill Camp experience, we have been busy writing recounts of what life might have been like for Miners during the 1850s.


14 July 1860




Today I had an okay time at Ballarat. I was welcomed by my cousin Dan Smith, he works at the Blacksmith. Before I got to Ballarat my brother told me to go see our cousin Dan. Dan told me “go to the goldfields if you want, it’s just a left, right, forward, left, right then repeat”.

On my way there I met a seller selling gold nuggets, tools and gold licences. But what I didn’t know was that the seller was a police officer in disguise selling fake gold licences. When I bought a gold licence from him, I was tricked because he told me the best gold digging spot is near the government and police camp. The police had me trapped for 3 nights until Dan heard I was missing. He came and talked to the police and got me out of trouble. The police arrested me because the policeman gave me a fake licence.

Back at the blacksmith with Dan we had Dan’s special for dinner: vegetable and bean soup with bread and meat.

That night I slept well. But this morning, I saw some soldiers looking for a blonde guy named Rhys, that was me. People calling “Joe, Joe, Rhys run” I ran away saying “I’m off.”


By Rhys R, 4A

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