Level 3 - Science and Coding

Last week the Years 4, 5 and 6 students were lucky to be visited by Deakin University Science students. Each Thursday for the next five weeks the students of Years 4, 5 and 6 will be participating in science lessons and performing experiments relating to each of our Units of Inquiry. Here are what some students from Level 4 are looking forward to most:

We are looking forward to Deakin Science because we are excited to perform science experiments. By Kia and Lenny

I am really looking to forward completing experiments like the Mentos and Coke experiment. By Rafic

Whilst the Year 4 students were at Deakin Science, the Year 3 students had the fantastic opportunity to explore the new digital curriculum and learn about coding. The Year 3 students all completed an hour of code and created their very own video game on Kingston Heath’s new Chromebooks.  Students had to use logical thinking to click and drag segments of code to program their own games. They learnt how to do a variety of things including moving objects, scoring points, making objects disappear and inserting sound effects.

I enjoyed coding because you got some tips on how to create videogames and this might help you for when you grow up and want to learn coding. By Jules

I made a few mistakes when creating my game but working with my partner we were able to problem solve and work out a solution. At first when Miss Page introduced coding I was worried that it would be hard but I was proud that I learnt what to do really quickly. By Keisha

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