Level 3 Kitchen

Level 3 have been very busy this term making delicious dishes using vegetables from our kitchen garden. The students really look forward to kitchen every two weeks and talk about what they ate for days afterwards, some even cook the dishes at home.   We must take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to our parent helpers, they have been a great asset to the running of the program, without which  kitchen would not have been possible.

Kitchen Reflection

Written by Sienna G

The dishes we made in kitchen last week were carrot galette, pumpkin risotto, pikelets with lemon curd and salad.

My responsibility was to wash the dishes and clean the benches.

The dish I liked the most was the pumpkin risotto because I liked the spices that got put into it and the chunks of pumpkin that were soft.

The dish I disliked was the carrot galette because the skin on the carrot slices made it taste funny.

The way I would have improved kitchen was if everyone would stop putting their dishes in our sink.

The learner profile that suited me best was courageous because I tried every dish I could.

The learner profile that Jacob showed was balanced because he helped other people not just himself.


Kitchen Reflection

Written by Kya

Last Thursday we did kitchen and the dish we made was the carrot galette. The other groups made pumpkin risotto, pikelets with lemon curd and the salad.

My responsibility was to first size the baking foil onto the 2 pans. Secondly take the ricotta cheese out of the tub. Thirdly spread the ricotta cheese onto the pastry.

The dish I liked the most was the pikelets with the lemon curd because it was the dessert, it was really good and it was school made.

The dish I liked the least was the salad because there was too much dressing. I could have improved in kitchen by working with the team better. The learner profile that I showed was caring because I helped people to cut the carrots! A learner profile that Elana showed was thinker because she kept telling everyone what the recipe was!!

Kitchen Reflection

Written by Geronimo

What dishes did we make? We made carrot galette, pumpkin risotto, pikelets (with lemon curd) and a salad.

What was your responsibility? My responsibility was to cut the carrots for the carrot galette.

What did you like the most and why? I enjoyed the pikelets because the lemon curd made it taste better.

What dish did you dislike? I didn’t like the salad because it didn’t have a great taste.

How could you improve kitchen? Honestly I like it how it is right now but we could try to do the food faster.

What learner profile did you show? I think I was a thinker because instead of standing there when I had nothing to do I organized the table.

What Learner Profile did someone else show? I think Elana was a communicator because she was telling us what to do.


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