Level 2 Update (11.9.15)

Ms Sipthorpe, Ms England and Mr Le Ray

It is an exciting time in Level 2 with all of the students and teachers getting ready for the Whole School Concert. The students have been practising their dance steps and song lyrics and are looking forward to performing their items for the community. They all look very snazzy in their costumes and have come up with some great poses for the concert photos. Thank you very much to all of the parents and wider community who volunteered to help us out with the sewing and costumes. A special thank you to those have helped with the sewing and getting the costumes ready.

On Friday, we have a Milo cricket clinic in the morning and an A.F.L. clinic after recess. This term we have been looking at footy in P.E. and this will give the students the opportunity to practise their skills and learn new ones. As the cricket season is almost upon us, it is a great time for the students to polish their skills for summer sport. These are also popular sports that can be played informally in the backyard or park in the holidays and these clinics will help the students understand the rules.

The students have started to investigate the new Inquiry unit of ‘How the World Works.’ They are investigating how natural forces act in the world and influence everything we do. Last session, the students made their own wind by spinning in circles on the spot. The faster they spun, the more wind was created. They had lots of fun experiencing the forces as they spun around and around. The students also made a paper helicopter. They threw these into the air and watched as they spun to the ground. The more force the students used to throw the helicopter into the air, the higher it went. They also observed the forces involved in the helicopters returning to the ground rather than floating away into the air. We will be further investigating gravity next session.

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