Level 2 - Swimming at Waves

Miss England, Ms. Sipthorpe & Mr. Le-Ray

It has been another busy time in Level 2. Week 3 and 4 saw all of the students participating in the swimming programs at ‘WAVES’. The students were very excited to attend each day, but especially excited on the Fridays of both weeks. The first Friday was ‘Survival Day’. The students put on buoyancy vests and practised floating with them on. They went to the deep end of the pool and practised jumping or diving into deep water and swimming to safety. There was much excitement when they were able to do a big jump into the deep end! The final Friday was ‘Fun Day’. The students were able to play on the inflatable slide. There was lots of slipping and sliding around, especially when the staff threw water on the students as the slipped their way along. They were also able to play in the Waves pool. The students were very excited to bob around in the waves. A big thank you to all of the parents who came along to help with showering and changing the students.

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